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Ratio class - 8(Proportion - 2)
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Proportions part - 2

Bharat Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Gupta
Engineer by degree Mathematician by Heart. Having 22 years of teaching experience. More than 20000 students selected.

Unacademy user
there r so many educators' till date but amongst them u r very special madam ... bcz of your devotion dedication and precision towards teaching... need more like this ...
a year ago
Thanks dear 😄🙂🙂🙏🙏..I try to give my best🙂
Sir, 1/4 option comes out to be right assuming value of abcd as 1:2::2:4
Debal Sen
7 months ago
yes sir please clarify this problem
Brajesh Kumar
7 months ago
you can't assume b=c
Brajesh Kumar
7 months ago
abcd as 1:2::2:4 then d is also correct & d is correct for all the values
Harsh meghani
2 months ago
yeah right Bhavya
Sir, what if, we assume a=1, b=2, & c=4 then proportionality is satisfied and hence the first option becomes correct.
sir,the level of questions taught by you in your videos are enough for SNAP and NMAT exam or i need to look for morr high level questions?
Nikhil Krishna
a year ago
these questions are enough for NMAT and snap but do follow a few other books as he has not covered everything in ratio and proportion.
In 1 Question sir,When i solve by taking values as 1,2,2,4 the answer is coming 1/4 and by taking 1,2,3,6 the answer is 1/9. Please help by clearing my doubt sir.
Nikhil Chaudhary
2 years ago
Are both answers are valid sir ?
a year ago
ya bro it is coming 1/4.I also have same doubt.Bro i think both answers wont be valid?
better use 1,2,3,6. cz when the value of b is same then the nos. in proportion would be a,b,c and mean value would be b^2 = ac. so all the calculations would change. hence when we are having 4 variables - a,b,c,d then we must use 4 different values.
sir in first question,time-02:04,if we are taking a-1,b-2,c-4,d-8,thn answer is coming option 'd'(ba/dc),thn which one to take?
a year ago
sry my mistake..
a year ago
got the correct ans
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