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RBI and Monetary policy (in Hindi)
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Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

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mam please give the one example in writin how to wirte
Feb 2019- CRR 4%, SLR 19.5%, Repo 6.25% Reverse Repo 6%
why 1 rupee note issued by govt, y not rbi??
CRR /SLR thoda example deke, diagram karke batayi.
aap dobara all ncerts wala course leke aaiye plz .or ek question or hai ki aap pdf provide krate hai ya ni notes bgera ki
Aartee Mishra
2 years ago
it's available again and I will give complete study material
Vimal Kumar
2 years ago
thanks a lot try to repeat it as soon as possible
Aartee Mishra
2 years ago
you can enroll in new batch. Admission is open in unacademy Plus
2 years ago
  1. aily Lectuire Series Ramesh Singh's brief summary o unacadeny 1 y Aartee Mishra Indian -Economy Banking in India-B Hindi .

  2. lam Aartee Mishra Graduated from Delhi University, Topper in all my semesters, Pursuing P.G and preparing for CSE. 2 Years of teaching experience of General Studies for competitive examination Have been teaching on Unacademy Plus

  3. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was set up in 1935 (by the RBl Act, 1934) as a private bank with two extra functions-regulation and control of the banks in India and being the banker of the government After nationalization in 1949, it emerged as the central banking body of India and it did not remain a 'bank' in the technical sense Since then, the governments have been handing over different functions to the RBl, which stand today as given below 1. It is the issuing agency of the currency and coins other than rupee one currency and coin (which are issued by Ministry of Finance itself with the signature of the Finance Secretary on the note) 2. Distributing agent for currency and coins issued by the Government of India


  5. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA 3. Banker of the government 4. Bank of the banks/Bank of last resort 5. Announces the credit and monetary policy for the economy 6. Stabilising and targeting (CP-C) the rate of inflation 7. Stabilising the exchange rate of rupee 8. Keeper of the foreign currency reserves 9. Agent of the Government of India in the IMF 10. Performing a variety of developmental and promotional functions under which it did set up institutions like IDBI, SIDBI, NABARD, NHB, etc.

  6. CREDIT AND MONETARY POLICY The policy by which the desired level of money flow and its demand is regulated is known as the credit and monetary policy. All over the world it is announced by the central banking body of the country-as the RBl announces it in India RBl uses many instruments/tools to put in place the required kind of credit and monetary policy such as-CRR, SLR, Bank Rate, Repo & Reverse Rates, MSF Rate, OMOs, etc. on which it has regulatory controls CRR: The cash reserve ratio (CRR) is the ratio (fixed by the RBI) of the total deposits of a bank in India which is kept with the RBI in the form of cash SLR: The statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) is the ratio (fixed by the RBI) of the total deposits of a bank which is to be maintained by the bank with itself in noncash form prescribed by the government to be in the range of 25 to 40 per cent

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