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Revenue receipts and Non tax revenue receipts (in Hindi)
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Chapter 18

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Aartee Mishra
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Article 43-B, says that state shall endeavor to promote voluntary formation, autonomous functioning, democratic control and professional management of the co-operative societies.
mam u can atleast xplain the meaning of words which are new to us for better understanding like accrual came in first slide
I find all Non Tax Receips to be apart of Central Corruption unit.
mam remittance is also non tax receipts???
Isn't currency printing a non-revenue receipt? Because currency is liability over government. Please explain how all fiscal services are non-tax revenue receipts.
Benson Harison
2 years ago
i think there is nothing called non revenue receipt, only non tax revenue receipt
Ranabir datta
2 years ago
Please explain this mam... I too have the same doubt
thanks a lot ... very helpful for us who live in rural area of Bihar .and having financial problem ... God bless you mam ... dil se dua hai ... god will fulfill ur all desires
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  3. Revenue: Every form of money generation in the nature of income, earnings are revenue for a firm or a government which do not increase financial liabilities of the government, i.e., the tax incomes, non-tax incomes along with foreign grants. Non-revenue: Every form of money generation which is not income or earnings for a firm or a government (i.e., money raised via borrowings) is considered a nonrevenue source if they increase financial liabilities Receipts: Every receiving or accrual of money to a government by revenue and nonrevenue sources is a receipt. Their sum is called total receipts. It includes all incomes as well as non-income accruals of a government. Revenue Receipts: Revenue receipts of a government are of two kinds-Tax Revenue Receipts and Non-tax Revenue Receipts-consisting of the following income receipts in India:

  4. Non-tax Revenue Receipts This includes all money earned by the government from sources other then taxes. In India they are: (i) Profits and dividends which the government gets from its public sector undertakings (PSUs). (ii) Interests recieved by the government out of all loans forwarded by it, be it inside the country (i.e., internal lending) or outside the country (i.e., external lending). It means this income might be in both domestic and foreign currencies i) Fiscal services also generate incomes for the government, i.e., currency printing, stamp printing, coinage and medals minting, etc. . . .(iv) General Services also earn money for the government as the power distribution, irrigation, banking, insurance, community services, etc. . (v) Fees, Penalties and Fines received by the government. .(vi) Grants which the governments receives-it is always external in the case of the Central Government and internal in the case of state governments.

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