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Salimpur : A Royal Tale : Overview
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This lesson provides us with the overview of the course which is designed in a very unconventional manner to add to the fun of learning new words. The lesson begins with the presenter stating the objective of the course, the target audience and the lesson structure for the lessons to follow.

Vaibhavi Rangarajan
Engineer, voracious reader and crossword enthusiast. Scored 335/340 in GRE. I love to learn and teach! :)

Unacademy user
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Sweta Kumari
2 years ago
V.good Mukunda , keep it up ????
Ma'am make a new course for vocabulary for important words. :) Thanks
hey is this a novel story or is this your own made story ,if novel story then tell me the name of book so i can buy it because it is easy to remember words through book rather than watch video or write from these videos .please reply me Asap
great work to inhence vocabularies by unacadamy. thanks a lot
Mam can you provide questions for text completion and sentence equivalence. Regards
  1. Learn 333 High-Frequency GRE Words (Salimpur: A Royal Tale) Course Overview Presented by Vaibhavi Rangarajan

  2. About me Engineer. Lover of crosswords. GRE Score-335/340, AWA 4.5/6 Course Fee: Contribute! Course Fee: Contribute ! Follow me on

  3. Objective of the course To know 333 high-frequency words that occur in the GRE. To improve vocabulary, and understand usage of the chosen words. To hear an engaging story of a prince in the fictional city of Salimpur.

  4. Target audience GRE Aspirants Anyone wishing to improve vocabulary o dictatorial diktatarial a of like a dictator. 2 overbearing yed orially adu. Latin: related , TATOR] into diction /dikJo)n/ n. manner ciation in speaking or singin -dictio froma dico dict-say] dictionary /dikfonari/ n. ( , book listing (usu. alphabetic explaining the words of a la di giving corresponding words 2 reference book

  5. Contribute If this course is helping you in any way, please pay a voluntary professional fees by clicking on Contribute It would encourage me to create some more interesting courses!

  6. CourseovervieW 20-30 Lessons, 333 common GRE words Each lesson covers 10-15 common GRE words and advances the story Final lecture : Entire story using all 333 high-frequency GRE words. This story is written specially for you!

  7. Basic lesson format Cover 10-15 words approximately in each lesson. Non-alphabetical Order, Varying levels of difficulty A small chapter of the story containing all the words is read out. We will then cover each word's meaning, and usage with sample sentences Summary of words learnt.

  8. Why this unconventional format? There are hundreds of wordlists available. Everyone likes stories. Retention in memory is higher. Imagination, reading and hearing skills are engaged. This course is tough to execute but you can see test the payoff in the final lesson.

  9. Next Stop : Salimpur! We'll find out more about a prince and his tales in Salimpur. Let the adventure begin!:)