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Significance of 20th December
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Find out in brief the significance of today's date in the history of airlines.

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  2. Mid-sized Narrow-body Long-range Four engine

  3. BOEING 1958 1979

  4. Aircraft capacity-140- 219 passengers

  5. 2500 - 5750 nautical miles

  6. Boeing 367-80 1954 Boeing 707 NORTHWEST NOR T H LWES T 080000000000600000000000000000000000000000888000

  7. Transatlantic Cargo applications Transcontinental Military applications Domestio Boeing 707

  8. Boeing produced and delivered 1011 airliners LY EASTERN LRLINS 20 NO RTH W ES T N728U5

  9. Boeing 707's military version

  10. World War 2 Military Aircraft