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Significance of Today's Date - 10th Nov
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On this day Microsoft's Bill Gates first introduced Windows operating system for PCs.

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Thank u so much Ma'am....
madam thanks,i feel instead of writing the significance of day u should give the exact title what r we going to discuss today
Sheetal Sharma
3 years ago ( most important gk questions for SSC chsl and cgl
Hi sohini ! The lesson is really awesome! but can you plz cross verify that windows 10 ! which is not free !
gud speaking ur pronouncance ji so gud mam
thank you so much mam.. very lucid and effective lessons. Really hanks a lot. Please continue to come up with such awesome lessons.
That's great! Knowing something special on my birthday!
  1. 10th November, 1983

  2. C:1> Microsoft windows 1.0 first got launched



  5. 2001 Microsoft Windowsxp

  6. 2006

  7. Windows 8 2012

  8. First version of Windows was introduced 1983 1987 Windows 2.0 arrived with a few more

  9. MICR SOFT Microsoft Windous Version 1.81 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation, 1985. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp,

  10. You heard it right A Floppy disc!

  11. Clock MS-DUS ExecutiveWrite READM File Uiew Special File Edit Searc Character Paragr Document . C: WINDAWS ABC.T BUILD CALC CALEN CARD CGA.dl Copyright C 1985, Microsoft Corp. CGA.G CGA.L CITOH CLIP CLOC COMM CONTROL.EXE EGAMONO.GRB HPLA COURA.FON COURB.FON COURC.FON Microsoft Windows MS-DOS Executive nform indows Adder Uersion 1.81 HOUT print f his ma nfigur ture ch tion of Ok Game Skill Disk Space Free: 38824K Menory Free 303K Spoole ETTTTaT EGAMONO.LGO IBM EMM.AT EMM.PC RUNNING BATCH JOVI KERN Ifyou run a standard should create a PIF fi Page 1


  13. Windows 95 arrived 1995 1998 Windows 98

  14. 2000 Windows 2000 2001 Windows XP

  15. 2000 Wnpoes lonl 0 2001 Windowsx

  16. 2000 0 2001 Windowsp

  17. Windows Starter Edition

  18. Microsoft WindowsXp Professional Window67 Starter Edition

  19. e a Mail Calendar Internet Explorer News 0 ple Photos Maps Sports Video Music Travel Weather Xbox LIVE Games Camera Finance

  20. Internet Explorer Store News Mail Calendar Windows 8 with tiles view Travel Music Video Messaging Xbox LIVE Games Camera Weather

  21. Windows8 got launched 2012 2015 Windows 10 got launched

  22. 10 Windows 10 Mobile 26