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South Indian History Overview (in Tamil)
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This Lesson explain about overview of the South Indian History. In this course we are going to see about Later Pallavas,Later or Imperial Cholas,Pandya Empire , Chaulkyas, Rashtrakutas. Those Lessons will help us to know more detail about their rule and administartive power.

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Komala Valli V
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sir robbin Warren ne kon se year me nobel prize liya tha
Ashish Gehlot
a year ago
2005 me
mam south indian history new books teach panni vedio podunga mam
new book poduga South Indian history ku
mam whether I had to Read complete South Indian History for TNPSC ? starting from Ancient Sangam literature to Nayaka dynasty , Marathas in S.India? Pls guide me in this . Thanks in Advance
Komala Valli V
2 years ago
hi yeah you have to study all these. Some of the syllabus will be missing in TNPSC group 1 & 2. So based on the syllabus you study.
Hi Mam.. Could you please make lectures on Tamil socio,political, economical developement since 1857... It would be great help for us.. Just timeline with overview for 10 min itself very grateful mam... Thank you
mam ithu matum tnpsc group 1 ku padicha intha topic la enough aah mam
Komala Valli V
3 months ago
no.. its not enough innum iruku new book la
  1. South Indian history

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  3. Unit IV- History and culture of India: South Indian history (7th Book & 11th Book)

  4. . Later Pallavas Later or Imperial Cholas Pandya Empire Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas

  5. Let's Learn!