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Sun of Power: The Guptas, Harsha, and the Chinese Golden Age, c. 200 - 700 CE:
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As the Roman Empire falls in the West, a new power rises in India. This lesson discusses the rise and fall of the Gupta Dynasty in India, and a time of chaos in China until its eventual reunification under the Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty.

Anirudh Kanisetti
BITS Pilani (Goa), history blogger, artist, podcaster.

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1. Harun al-Rashid receiving a delegation of Charlemagne in Baghdad, by Julius Köckert; Abbasid–Carolingian alliance during the 8th to 9th century. 2. Abd-ar-Rahman III and his court in Medina Azahara, by Dionisio Baixeras Verdaguer. Abd-ar-Rahman III was the Emir and Caliph of Córdoba (912–961 CE) of the Umayyad dynasty in al-Andalus.
  1. Sun of Power

  2. Welcome back! I'm Anirudh. I'm a history blogger, artist and BITS Pilani (Goa) graduate. You can find me at (Top writer on history!)

  3. The Greatest Power in the World The Golden Ages and political strife in India and China

  4. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms The Decline of the Han Dynasty

  5. End of the Han Dynasty: 220 CE The Decline of the Han Dynasty Palace eunuchs, empresses, overextension, taxation, and agrarian revolt: The Mandate of Heaven is lost! | ! 1 . : 35 agr -

  6. Battle of the Red Cliffs: 208 CE Cao Cao takes charge But a coalition of southern states ensures that China won't be uniting for a while yet- becoming a legend. Technology advances thanks to military strife Battle of Liu Bei's force Red Cliffs A.D. 208 Sun Quan's force Xinye Liu / Sun allied forc - O Town Fancheng Xiangyarn X Battle Cao Cao's army Marshland Cao Cao's retreat Guan Yu Liu Bei Battle of i Liu Changban? Bei Liu Bei Guan Yu Liu oi JianglingoC tH ontze Rive Battle of Red Cliffs hou Yu Chaisang Baqiu (km) 60 Watch: Red Cliff (2008)

  7. China finally reunited: c. 590 CE The Jin. Northern and Southern Dynasties Hope of unison is shattered; barbarians invade; Confucianism is challenged and Buddhism grows ascendant 280 CE Jin Dynasty 440 CE o Northern Wei Liu Song

  8. Accession of Emperor Gaozu of Han: 618 CE The Reunification of China In just 37 years, the Sui reunify China but overextend, giving way to the glorious Tang Dynasty: China's second Golden Age 609 CE Sui Dynasty Google: The Grand Canal (China)

  9. Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty: 700s-800s CE Tang China Compared to the West, unimaginably cosmopolitan, populous (50 MILLION), and prosperous Read: China: A History, by John Keay

  10. 2 Subjugating a Subcontinent The extraordinary legacy of the Gupta dynasty

  11. Harsha ousts the Gupta Dynasty: 600s CE The Last Chakravartin Harsha makes a final attempt at conquering the subcontinent, and receives the ambassadors of Tang Taizong TIBET GURJARAS VARDHANA MAITRAKAS VALABH UDRA WESTERN CHALUKYAS B a y ASTERN Sea Google: Pulakesin II

  12. The State of the World Barbarians in the West, Romans in the East, India in chaos: China is the greatest of powers Arctic Marine Mammal Hunters East Hemisphere, 700 AD Samoyedic Peoples Created by Thomss AcLem Saam Paleo Siberian Tribes Updated: 8-11-2008 Ugrian Peoples Finnish Peoples Tungusic Peoples Uyghurs Eastern Gokt rk Khaganate O uz Turks Rom n Empire Chinese Empire Tibetan (Tufan) Empire (Tang Dynasty) Arab Empire (Umayyad Caliphate) Berber Tribes Tuaregs Saharan Nomadic Tribes Zaghawas Gur

  13. What's next?

  14. The broad outline Middle Ages o CE 6oos120 1400s CE Bronze and Iron Ages 1800s CE 1900s CE Early High Late Renaissance Revolutions WWII arly High Late Renaissance Revolutions wwi 500s BCE-200s CE 1500s CE 3500s 60os E BCE Early Classical Late Enlightenment World War I 70os CE 200s 500os CE Antiquity Colonialism httbs:// of World History.bng

  15. The Crescent Rises Guess what's next!

  16. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: @indicusmaximus The Augustan Blog