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The Cross Conquers: The Story of Christianity, c. 800 - 1200 CE
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This lesson discusses the new Christian states of Europe that emerged after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Viking and Slavic migrations are also discussed, as are the decline of the Eastern Roman Empire and the European invasions of the Muslim lands, the Crusades.

Anirudh Kanisetti
BITS Pilani (Goa), history blogger, artist, podcaster.

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is this for CBSE BOARDS too??
1. Samarkand, by Richard-Karl Karlovitch Zommer. Samarkand is a city in modern-day Uzbekistan and is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia. In the 14th century it became the capital of the empire of Timur (Tamerlane) and is the site of his mausoleum (the Gur-e Amir). In 2001, UNESCO added the city to its World Heritage List as Samarkand – Crossroads of Cultures. 2. Timur (1370- 1405), historically known as Amir Timur and Tamerlane, was a Turco-Mongol conqueror. As the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia he became the first ruler in the Timurid dynasty. 3. Persian painting (14th century) of Hülegü's army besieging a city. Note use of the siege engine; Mongol siege of Baghdad (1258)
Taimur... Saif and Kareena's son.. :D
  1. The Cross Conquers

  2. Welcome back! I'm Anirudh. I'm a history blogger, artist and BITS Pilani (Goa) graduate. You can find me at (Top writer on history!)

  3. Christianity and Europe New kingdoms in the West; the Wars of Religion begin nolis

  4. The Return of the Western Roman Emperor Seriously

  5. Remember the Battle of Tours-Poitiers: 732 CE Carolus Magnus In return for his defence of the Catholic faith, Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD. The Pope becomes a major player Pinaish Tnibes EUROPE at the death of Charlemagne 814 Torkiah Sea KINGDOM o the CHAZARS 5 L Poles Poles FRANKISH EMEe .FRANKISH EMPREathia ChroburtiaFI IRST BULGAR EMPIRE ef Atturias dr CALIPHATE EAST ROMAN EMPIR

  6. Viking Invasions of England: 800s CE The Hammer of the Gods A great southward migration of Germanic and Slavic peoples again shakes Europe Greenland Vinland 1000 Iceland Faroer Starau Shetland Scandina 854 Novgorod Yor Volga 911 Territories and voyages of the Vikings Watch: "Vikings" (TV Show)

  7. Alfred the Great defeats the Danes: 890s CE Don't eat hot bread The Great Heathen Army takes over England and are finally defeated by Alfred the Great Bu The Great Heathen Army of 865 Danish victory) 4Angio-Sanon victory tin aged as MERCIA dan ment of 876 rote of Great Heathen Amy NORTH SEA Repion EAST ANGLIA 873 MERCIA Cambridge East Angla 805 WESSEX ENGLISH CHANNEL Watch: "The Last Kingdom" (TV Show)

  8. William the Conqueror takes England: 1066 CE The Normans The descendants of Charlemagne allow the Vikings to settle: Norman adventurers spread across Europe NORMAN Manche Cherbour Rouen Caen 0 (km) 100 -- R gion conc d e Rollon en 911 Duch de Normandie en 933 Acquisition vers 1050 Peuplement nordique important dispers

  9. New States in the West Interacting with Vikings with the shadow of Rome and Christianity, the West centralizes East Hemisphere, 900 AD Arctic Marine Mammal Hunters Autheri Samoyedic Peoples Ugrians Finns Paleo Siberian Peoples Tungusic Peoples Merkits Kimek Khaganate Kyrgyz Magyars Turks Khitans Oghuz Turks Samanid Dynas Roman (Byzantine) Empire CD Tibetan Kingdoms & Caliphate Saffarid Dynasty Empire Chinese Empire Tribes(Tang (Tang Dynasty) Emirate Berbers Bedouins Tuaregs Gurjara Pratiharas Chans Cur

  10. Accession of Basil II: 976 CE Basil the Bulgar-Slayer The Byzantine Empire reaches its apogee under the brilliant but childless Basil II: after his death, political infighting and squabbles seriously weaken the empire. Orthodox Christianity spreads to the Slavs Euxine Sea Anchialus Ama (10450 Kolorea e Empre Aegean Pergemon Techrie Meitene. 0-1043) Sea Tyana Mediterranean Musilim lands Sea Ones temtonies Byzantine Empire s025 at the death f Bas Em Read: A Short History of Byzantium, by John Julius Norwich

  11. Christianization of the Kievan Rus': 980s CE The Great Schism: 1054 CE The Great Schism The Pope and the Eastern Roman Emperor keep headbutting, with consequences that will soon become apparent East-West Schism (1054) Bogomis EASTERN SLAVI PRINCIPALITIES POLAND HOLY ROMAN FRANCE EMPIRE EMPIRE SAINT IEO IX Google: St. Vladimir of Kiev

  12. What's the difference between Christianity and Islam? The question of divinity, the importance of Jerusalem

  13. Coronation of Saladin: 1174 CE An Age of Chivalry Culture and trade once more flower in the West, as does the legend of Saladin The Third Crusade, 1189-91 North Sea ATLANTIC OCEAN POLAND PRINCIPALITIES OF RUSSIA Bayof FRANCEHOLY ROMAN Biscay EMPIRE Black Sea BYZANTINE EMPIRE CASTILE ARAGON SELUUKS OF RUM n rver Gokw Sardinia KiNGOM Sicily n Sea DOMINIONS OF Watch: "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005)

  14. Sack of Constantinople: 1204 CE The Roman Empire is Saved... Not The dynasty of Alexios Komnenos leads a temporary revival of the Eastern Roman Empire.. Until political infighting leads to the sack of Constantinople Hungaly Black S ea H2 Thessalonica Constantinople Seljuk Sultanate lom of Antioch lediterranean Sea Crusader States Jerusalem Alexandria Zangid Sultanate Google: Manuel Komnenos

  15. What's next?

  16. The broad outline Middle Ages o CE 6oos120 1400s CE Bronze and Iron Ages 1800s CE 1900s CE Early High Late Renaissance Revolutions WWII arly High Late Renaissance Revolutions wwi 500s BCE-200s CE 1500s CE 3500s 60os E BCE Early Classical Late Enlightenment World War I 70os CE 200s 500os CE Antiquity Colonialism httbs:// of World History.bng

  17. The Mongols Guess what's next!