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The Execution of Saddam Hussein
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Find out more about the execution of Saddam Hussein that took place on 30th of December, 2006.

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you speak like news anchor...awesome......i thought i was listening news on BBC...please try in news field.....My brother is news script writer in Al Jazeera. You can contact me
ma'am plz explain the article in hindi also
mam, can you explain the reasons behind the attack on Saddam...
awesome i thought i was listening dd news eng bulletin
Nice explanation about Saddam hussain
  1. The execution of Saddam Hussain 30th December, 2006

  2. The Iraqi Tribunal convicted him for crimes against humanity

  3. -Where is m Dujail Massacre, 1982

  4. Weather: Partty cleudy, 44/35 SPORTS FINAL DAILY NEWSnding DAY Star Sta Sta DD DE hSadd Saddam hange SW International public controversy about Saddam's death Evil madman dies on gallows in dawn hanging U.S. troops on high alert for reprisals SEE PAGES 4-7

  5. Saddam's body returned to his birth place Al-Awia near Tikrit

  6. Letter by Saddam Hussein prior to his deatih

  7. e whole atmosphere was full of death." 6:00 am local time 30th december, 2006

  8. Gaziantep Sanlrurfa na Zanjan Mosul Erbil Al O Sulaymariyah Tehran Kirkuk Syria Kermanshah Arak SIJ Kashan bano Ramad Baghdad Damascus Isfahan Iraq Karbala BANK Najaf Ahvaz Jordan Arar Sakaka Shira Al Khanafah

  9. Saddam buried beside his sons