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The Mystery of Pyramids
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Find out the science behind then construction of Pyramids and many more interesting and shocking facts about the same.

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Thank you for such a important information regarding Pyramids. and mam if possible then please provide the knowledge in Hindi as well.
Mam you are amazing lady . How u cover such interesting facts Hats off.
it's oosum mam.a bright piece of infotainment..than u. increases my curuosity towards there any next session??
mam ..i requesting u ..plzz provide all this material in hindi...plzz mam
  1. There has always been a mystery about the Egyptian Pyramids

  2. all(, a neo Delta del Nilo akandyis Alessandria SRAEL Damietta Golfo alArab Porto Said D m Tanta Ba al Arish Haggag af-Mansura al-Alameinshibin al Kawr Zagazig Canale di Suez Ismailia GIL CARO e di Qattare al-Giza Hulwan ez as-Saff -tayyu 7y Sinai Biba Bent Maghaghah al-Fasi u Zanime M. Caterina 2642 Bani Mazar . asi ahriyah

  3. 2.3 million stone blocks Each weighs 2.5 to 15 tons

  4. How did the workers move these blocks?

  5. Mortar used to support joints of huge stones

  6. The science behind the construction of Pyramids

  7. Shaft points to Thuban, the "north star" of the old kingdom. Shaft points to Orion's belt burial chamber

  8. Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) Polaris (North Star) Ursa Major (Big Dipper)

  9. EQUINOX 21 March SOLSTICE 22 June SPRING WINTER Seasonal Solstice SUMMER SOLSTICE 22 December AUTUMN