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The Second World War
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Dictatorships emerge in the Axis powers as America battles with the Great Depression. After a devastating war, the world is partitioned between Communism and Capitalism. The imperial powers are exhausted. A new age is dawning.

Anirudh Kanisetti
BITS Pilani (Goa), history blogger, artist, podcaster.

Unacademy user
U r sanjay leela bansali of unacademy. Beautifully put. Grt presentation, soothing voice and mature perception.
Thank you, Mitali!
Krishna m
3 years ago
Hello Sir, I am commenting here as i unable to post a question. I am very much new to reading history. I am really interested in reading Agriculture and Industrialization in British. I want to start with Agriculture and Industrialization Could you please suggest some books. will be very Tremendously helpful.
Try Eric Hobsbawm's work, or Lawrence James.
@4:15 small correction anirudh. japanese defeated the russians in 1904-05 and the japanese invaded manchuria in 1931.
Much obliged Chand, thanks for pointing that out. :)
1. J.L. Nehru, Mountbatten and Jinnah during the partition of India 2. US president Ronald Reagan's speech at Berlin in 1987 3. European Union with its present members, candidates, potential candidates, Britain etc.
That's right!
small correction's a photograph and not a painting..the Soviet flag
Thanks for pointing that out!
  1. The Second World War

  2. Welcome back! I'm Anirudh. I'm a history blogger, artist and BITS Pilani (Goa) graduate. You can find me at (Top writer on history!)

  3. al Virulent nationalism, economic troubles, and dictators: the most devastating war since the Mongol conquests

  4. An American Augustus The Great Depression and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  5. American Gilded Age: Early 1900s The Gilded Age After the Union victory, massive industrialization and urbanization took hold in the USA 23

  6. Great Depression: 1929 The Great Depression Unregulated speculation leads to a catastrophic collapse AMERICAN AMERICA ANK

  7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is President: 1933-1945 The New Deal FDR's state investment and reforms galvanize the American people and economy

  8. 2 The Axis Far-right nationalism in Italy, Japan, and Germany

  9. Benito Mussolini Rises to Power: 1923 Il Duce Promising a restoration of the Roman Empire, Mussolini is elected to power TIME The Weelly Newmaguin

  10. Japanese defeat the Russians: 1875 Japanese invade Manchuria: 1903 The Emperor A modernized Japan bosses around a seriously weakened China OKHOTSK ANN OUTER MONGOLIA ANCHUKUO 1931 SEA PACIFIC OCEAN TAPAN YELLOW Tokyo CHINA TIBET EAST Changsha. CHINA1874 SEA Okinawa INDIA W Jima VOLCANO ISLANDS FORMOSA BURMA PHILIPPINE MA ANAS Wake (U8) SEA HAILAN Clark arnla HILIPPINE ISLANDS ANDAMAN Sprally MALESLALL CANOLINES YA G

  11. OZIA Hitler becomes Chancellor: 1933 The Fuhrer D.A.P The German people, reeling under war indemnities and national humiliation, elect the Nazis to power

  12. Holocaust Atrocities are committed by the Nazis and Japanese and even the British

  13. Americans bomb Hiroshima: 1945 Little Boy and Fat Man The Americans drop the atom bomb on Japan to force an unconditional surrender Sovietica Mongola nlas Saiom n

  14. The State of the World Europe is in ruins. America is supreme

  15. What's next?

  16. The broad outline Middle Ages o CE 6oos120 1400s CE Bronze and Iron Ages 1800s CE 1900s CE Early High Late Renaissance Revolutions WWII arly High Late Renaissance Revolutions wwi 500s BCE-200s CE 1500s CE 3500s 60os E BCE Early Classical Late Enlightenment World War I 70os CE 200s 500os CE Antiquity Colonialism httbs:// of World History.bng

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