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Tobacco: Global Agent of Death
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Find out how dangerous tobacco consumption is for your health.

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Daily Trivia

Unacademy user
In last question of lecture 6,the 0 week code is for Saturday as per given in previous session,and the answer given is Sunday, Isn't it wrong?
i recommended you to check my Clock and Calendar course for more clearity
Shivani mahalle
a year ago
I have checked and confirm from there...
Ashina Rana
a year ago
so what is the right ans???
Mahadev Dash
a year ago
Sir ,the code given for Sunday is "1" and 0 is for Saturday
Is this video related to current affairs I mean did this appeared in news paper recently
Someone plz tell me how to stop getting these stupid bytes notifications :(
Saloni Arya
3 years ago
Peaceful Datta
3 years ago
I don't follow it... :(
Information is great! It's just the graph that seems flawed, if 30% is 300.8 (China), shouldn't 274.9 (India) be around 27.4% but it is shown around 10%
Krishna Bhardwaj
3 years ago
yes same Q?
marijuana ka bare ma bhi tobacco type video bhaiya sir for general awareness
sahi hai population kam hoga
  1. Have you ever seen tobacco deaths making headlines?

  2. Minutes Seconds 00:06

  3. Minutes Seconds 01:00 Ct

  4. Tobacco kills 1/3

  5. to of all people who consume it

  6. miion deaths diueto tobacco in at vear

  7. Nicotine

  8. 80% of world's tobacco related deaths will be in low and middle income countries by 2030

  9. World E 180 Developing countries 160 Developed countries 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2020 2025 2030 2005 2010 2015

  10. NEARLY TWO THIRDS OF THE WORLD'S SMOKERS LIVE IN 10 COUNTRIES 30% 20% 10% 0% China India Indonesia Rssian United Federation States of America Japan Brazil Bangladesh GermanyTurkey Source-WHO Surverys