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Understandig Ratios -Like Never Before- Part 1
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Understanding ratio like never before part 1 deals with the most fundamental concepts of ratios -a must do to have a strong grip on arithmetic portion. ENJOY!

Akash Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Akash Singh
CAT/Bank/SSC/CLAT/IPM Trainer 13 years Experience. CAT 99+%ile(8 Times) Use Code '' to get 10% discount on all Unacademy Course.

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Sweta Kumari
a year ago
thank you!!! is any diff b/w ratio and fraction ? a:b vs. a/b (kya kisi v fraction ko ratio ke term me samjha jata hai.. e.g---7/9 ,7:9, and 40% ko 40/100 likhenge , to kya 40/100 ratio me hai.) kindly explain..
sir illustrated ratio using comaring some circles and triangles in the video.. my question is can we find ratio of two unlike quantities? I think ratio is comarison of two same or like quantities... can you please clarify my doubt?
Akash Singh
2 years ago
what about ratio of boys and girls are they alike? Ratio is numeric comparision of two things thats it.
Anupam Anand
2 years ago
no they are not alike ..but we generally compare number of girls to number of boys... that is alike qty.. thanks for the reply :)
Akash Singh
2 years ago
yes the numeric comparision as I said.
triplicate ratio - a:b -a^3:b^3 subtriplicate - a:b - a^(1/3):b^(1/3)
Akash Singh
2 years ago
great priyanshi, keep on participating :)
Tushar Pathneja
3 months ago
triplicate ratio =cube=a^3b^3 subtriplicate ratio=cube root=a^1/3 b^1/3
triplicate ratio- 3:2:4 = 9:4:16 subtriplicate ratio- 9:4:7 = 3:2:√7 ur videos and teaching method is just amazing sir, ur tricks and tips are easily understable and really interesting, tysm☺