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Welcome to the 21st Century
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I explain how history can be used to understand contemporary issues with examples from some of the modern world’s great crises.

Anirudh Kanisetti
BITS Pilani (Goa), history blogger, artist, podcaster.

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sir second year courses upload kare please bhut Baki he sir
Kailash Sharma
2 years ago
Whichever topics i am teaching students in coaching i prefer to work on that actually that's on my mind whole day.
ussr in three continents Europe North America,asia.
Anirudh: Could you clarify more on Muammar Gaddafi. Grew curious as there are documentaries on Youtube which portrays a different picture saying he was loved by the masses because of his efforts to make Libya self sufficient and then when he tried to introduce a new currency in the form of gold which would turn the tide of the world economy, it was the NATO that conspired to showcase him as a boogeyman and sack him by turning his own people against him (According to the documentaries, it was the Taliban who merged in along with the local masses and started massacring the local civilians and made it look like the the attacks were carried out under the orders of Gaddafi). Could you please have a look at the documentaries and help us with the true picture of this man (perceived as a dictator commonly) Thanks in advance. .
You're absolutely right in pointing out that Gaddafi might not have been as band as NATO made him out to be. But the fact remains that Gaddafi's family would probably not have clung to power that long if not for Western support in the first place (especially in his early years). The West kept him in power as long as it suited them, and discarded him when global opinion turned against him, as you pointed out. I'd be interested in watching those documentaries if you could provide the links.
Praveen Kpk
3 years ago
Sure. Here you go (It's for 1.5 hours):
an era of darkness by shashi tharoor
active action to fight west slavery
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