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What Is A Sentence?
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This lesson focuses on the understanding of sentence, Parts of sentence and exceptions while forming a sentence. This lesson is beneficial for students preparing for CAT, MAT, XAT & for verbal reasoning section in other examinations and also for students who want to improve their grammar.

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Himanshu Das
Senior Business Advisor, Dell. Follow me for lessons and courses on VARC for CAT and OMETs. Concepts without Practise amount to nothing!

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Sweta Kumari
a year ago
sir...this means ''shyam is'' a complete sentence..?
MD Irfun
4 months ago
It is helpful but need more practice question.
Himanshu sir..u just amazing..sir..what a energy with clear explanation..but pls make example or tests to analyze sir.pls..and pls make a mission as per the grammar with complete aspects sir pls... waiting for your valuable suggestions and replies and courses and mission sir..pls as in present scenario.. yours sincerely vinay singh
That is really helpful
  1. Collection: Basic Grammar Overview Lesson 1: Sentences

  2. About Me BE. from BITS Pilani Senior Business Analyst, Dell e Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Sentence What is a sentence? What are the various parts of a sentence? . What is a sentence? .What are the various parts of a sentence? Exceptions

  4. What is a Sentence? t in principle tell a complete thought. A sentence is a set of words that in principle tells a complete thought. Examples 1. Ram sings 2. You are a good boy, Ravi. 3. A sentence is a linguistic unit consisting of one or more words that are grammatically linked and can include words grouped meaningfully to express a statement, question, exclamation, request, command or suggestion.

  5. Parts of a Sentence Typically a sentence contains a subject and predicate Subject: Noun/ pronoun of the sentence . Predicate: Verb of the sentence e Examples 1. Ram sings 2. Shyam is a doctor. 3. The CEO has recommended him a bonus

  6. Parts of a Sentence Test for "Subject" The complete subject tells whom or what the sentence is about. .Test for "Predicate The complete predicate tell what the subject i e The complete predicate tells what the subject is or does 1. Ram sings. 2. Shyam is a doctor. 3. The CEO has recommended him a bonus.

  7. Exceptions e Usually it's subject followed by a predicate but at times we have predicate preceding the subject. This is used to emphasize over something. Example: 1. 2. There go the manager and the members of his team. Here comes Mahesh.